3 Behaviors that are preventing you from long-term fat loss:


1.Obsessive focus on a number

Focus must shift to quality nutrients and other environmental factors such as sleep, stress, smoking etc , instead of a desired weight or size. Numbers are just data and the measure of the result of the behavior. The behavior is an action in which can and must be controlled.

2. Focus on controlling your weight

Your bodies composition is defined as your fat in your body proportionate to your lean mass. It is not possible to control that, once again, it is only possible to control behaviors. You must work to create the behaviors that lead to lipolysis (fat burn) as well as an increase in lean mass.

3. Focused on a short term endeavor

Sporadic burst of activity such as dieting are not effective. Behaviors that achieve and maintain healthy body composition take a lifetime and become easier to maintain overtime. Realistically it is a lifetime of consistent and repetitive behaviors that lead to long term weight loss.

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