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Jennifer Wright


  • Former ISSA
  • CF-L1
  • PowerLifting
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • OPEXAssessment

Growing up, one would say I was loved beyond measure. It was this immense love that resulted in my mom protecting me from the pain and dangers of the outside world. As a result, we moved over 10 times by the time I arrived in high school. I had zero real friendships and struggled with my identity, self-perception, and self-esteem. Without an identity, I felt and ultimately became emotionally and physically isolated.

 By the time I graduated high school my options for a future were limited to say the least. Without options, I joined the Army as my first, last, and only resort and method of survival. If I had to sum up my experience in the army in 3 words, they would be Discipline, Resilience, and Community, the 3 things I had never previously experienced. Fast forward 10 years to 2008. I now have three beautiful children, a wonderful husband who works in residential construction, and successful career in real estate.

However, my job was feeling increasingly stressful and demanding, I felt it was out of control and I began channeling that stress into fitness. Eventually, I began lifting weights as a way to change my body and found that instead of simply changing my body, I changed my mind and ultimately my life. I started to love myself like I never had before.

I began noticing so many other people in and outside of the gym who were stressed, feeling out of control, lost, and desperate for a better version of themselves, just like me. They didn’t love themselves. I felt a deep and personal call to actively pursue knowledge and education from every resource available to me in order to help others who were suffering internally like I was. I equipped myself with the essential tools I needed to become the expert and provide the real help the world needed. I knew I would have to make sacrifices. My career, my professional status, and the security of what I had already built had to be left behind if I was going to respond to my calling.

I began teaching others how to use lifting and fitness as a catalyst to not only get the body they wanted but to ultimately teach them discipline and resilience and provide them with a community that would support them both in and outside of the gym. Emersion CrossFit is now over 8 years old (10 respectively). Without discipline I wouldn’t have had what it took to show up every day even when no one was there to meet me, without resilience I wouldn’t have had what it took to get up every time I fell or got knocked down, and without community, no one would have been there to help me and hold me up. 

I am currently the only black owned, female owned, veteran owned gym in Bakersfield California. Over the years I have trained 20 coaches to help others first, I have taught thousands of people how to transform their lives and take ownership of their own health. I have learned from and trained with some of the most brilliant minds and forward thinkers in the fitness business and continue to do so. I am a teacher, but first I am a student. I have laid a firm fitness foundation for my own children who firmly understand the power of discipline, resilience, and community at their core. Emersion CrossFit cuts through the noise and gives you the tools to rise up – rise up to your calling, rise up and confront your challenges, rise up to your true potential with Emersion!

Randy Graham

Personal Trainer

  • CF-L1
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Owner Movement RX Chiropractic
  • 2015 Finished 89th worldwide in Masters Qualifier
  • 2016 Finished 49th worldwide in Masters Qualifier


I’ve been a “gym rat”  since the age of 15 but finally saw the light with functional fitness after my first Crossfit workout in 2013.

What I love about Crossfit: There’s always ways to get better or improve and what you put in is what you get out of it.  I love the mental challenge of grinding through difficult workouts also.

Why I love to coach:  I enjoy seeing athletes reach their goals. Whether its their first muscle up or first box jump, the hard work, determination, and persistence i see in our athletes is very motivating and satisfying to be a part of.

Magali Simmons

Personal Trainer

I found Crossfit in September of 2012, my mother in law had recently passed away from Cancer and it was a very difficult time in my family lives! I was out of shape! A busy mom of three young boys who played sports year-round, working shift work full time and just not in a happy place in my life!

I played sports growing up, I’ve always been competitive, pretty much a “Tom Boy” but never had a clue on how to “live” a “fit” life!

I fell in love with CrossFit because it helped me with my grieving process. Crossfit pushed me like nothing else had before and it made me feel so horrible but great at the same time! I was hooked!

What I can offer the athletes is my dedication to their success and bringing their inner Beast out!!! I know what Crossfit has done for me! I would love for someone else to experience the same!

I was a Juvenile Corrections Officer for 16 years for the Probation Department and now as a Deputy Probation Officer, Crossfit is so important in my Career! Officer Safety is number one so being physical fit is vital.

Crystal Becks

Personal Trainer

  • CF-L1
  • CF-L2
  • Mobility

I currently work full-time at CSUB as the Director of Housing Residence Life.I started CF because I was 8 sizes larger and 30 lbs heavier and facing a health crisis. I’m in love with the body and its capacity to heal itself and make us well. I’m in love with how movement promotes health and longevity.My favorite thing about being a coach is seeing people surprise themselves and explore territory within themselves mentally. physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a way, they’ve never done before. That exploration leads to me being able to witness them unfold and their overall quality of life improves in so many ways. I consider it a privilege to serve Crazyhouse athletes and their families. this work is my passion and my joy!

Heidi Priest

Personal Trainer

  • Certified Diabetes Educator
  • CF-L1
  • RN

I have been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and specialize in Diabetes Education. I am passionate about healthy living and fitness. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2013 at Crossfit Crazyhouse and I instantly fell in love with the sport of Crossfit. After training consistently for 3 years at Crazyhouse, I was inspired to become a Level 1 Trainer. I love coaching for many reasons, but one reason that stands out the most is the joy I find in sharing my passion for Crossfit and overall healthy living with our athletes at Crazyhouse. Additionally, seeing people of all ages and levels being able to participate and benefit from Crossfit training is another reason why I love Crossfit. Crossfit has challenged me to be the best me I can be in every aspect of my life. Not only in the gym but professionally and personally as well.

I am happily married to my husband Rick, who is also a Crossfit athlete. Rick and I Crossfit together 5 days a week. We have 6 children, all who play competitive sports including; volleyball, wrestling, and football. My kids all Crossfit in their offseason to further enhance their athletic skills.

Emily Christman

Personal Trainer

  • CF-L1

I want to tell you a little bit about my history, and why I believe that each of us has it in us too be successful.  I played sports my entire life, and in high school my passion became softball.  Then during my sophomore year, my priorities shifted. After that, I went to random gym’s for sometime, yet I never found the drive I was craving, or the drive too excel. Then my best friends told me about CrossFit.  I felt unprepared, I didn’t really know what was CrossFit was; yet after hesitating for a long time, one day I finally decided to join and I loved it!  This is a safe place for anyone looking to become better. Crazyhouse has surpassed all of my expectations and has become my family!

Monica Warren

Operations Manager / Coach

My love of fitness began in high school as I was a competitive track and cross-country athlete. In college, I pursued other types of fitness and began personal training, teaching group exercise classes, and boot camps. CrossFit came into my radar and I was instantly intrigued. I did my first class at the age of 20 and was hooked!

CrossFit became a huge passion of mine as I saw the impact it had to change people’s health and fitness for the better as well as the community aspect that naturally came with it. I began coaching after my first year as an athlete and have used my coaching and athletic knowledge to help others throughout the nation as I traveled with my husband during his time in the Army. Now that he is retired, I am so happy to be back at Emersion Crossfit! This is a community of amazing people that I value and have stayed in contact with throughout the last decade of my life, which goes to show how valuable our community truly is.

Emersion Crossfit helped me get to every fitness goal I had as a young athlete, and now I’m excited to help develop more tools to succeed for this community as the Operations Manager of Emersion CrossFit.

Tracey Warren


I have been involved in sports and fitness my entire life. Over the years, I have trained in very rigorous conditions in order to sharpen my abilities as an athlete and as a coach. I have studied lifting/proper mechanics in-depth and it has grown into a huge passion of mine. My coaching experience stems from years of strength and conditioning at the private/collegiate level, high school coaching, and training soldiers to be more functional in our line of work (firefighting).

While in the Army, I sustained multiple injuries. It got to the point where I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even pick up my infant twins. It was during this time where a passion for functional fitness was born and my perspective of true health was altered forever. I am thankful for those injuries because they humbled me, changed my mindset regarding true health, and brought me to a place where I can utilize my true passion once again; coaching.

Today, I am passionate about personally implementing and coaching individuals on how to stay safe through functional movements, how to properly fuel their body’s to be able to sustain their active lifestyle and using these things to promote their own mental health. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful/knowledgeable team here at Emersion and can’t wait to work with you on your journey to whole-body health!

Joey Zeilsdorf


I started trampoline and tumbling at 10 years old and then Cheerleading at 13. I won the world championships of cheerleading 4 times with The California Allstars. I started coaching when I got into college and finished coaching cheerleading this past season, concluding my fifth year of coaching. I had the privilege of coaching kids from the ages of 5-19. My time coaching developed from trying to solely produce results to ensure that the athletes felt they were accomplishing their goals but also got the experience they wanted from their sport.

This made my transition to wanting to coach CrossFit pretty seamless. My passion to coach CrossFit is similar to my passion for coaching cheerleading; I am passionate about the lifestyle and community CrossFit brings into an individual’s life. My hope is to help introduce and broaden people’s horizon on the things they are capable of accomplishing. Starting out I had a leg up on the gymnastic movements in CrossFit. This doesn’t mean that I am proficient in all of them by any means, however, the movement of the body through space is a subject I have studied in my time as a tumbler/cheerleader. This is my niche and is where I feel I can really help individuals make leaps and bounds in their confidence in this type of movement.

I coach at Emersion Crossfit because I have come to find the box to be somewhat of a homestead. It does not take long to feel welcome and to want to keep coming back. To be a part of a community and have a sense of belonging is a huge thing in this world and I hope I can help add that to others I come in contact with at Emersion. CrossFit at Emersion is a family affair in my household. My parents and I attend and really have connected overcoming to the box. My dad and I attend at 4:30 AM together most often and it has really become a staple in our relationship as father and son. It has become our lifestyle and I am really excited to start coaching to add to the time I get to spend enjoying CrossFit.