You want to know the secret to living a pain free life? It’s called Death or better yet, the absence of Life. That’s the only way. Harsh I know, but it’s the ugly (painful) truth. We are designed to feel and while we love “good” feels, we wouldn’t appreciate them as much without the bad, better yet, would we even recognize them without the bad?

So since we are all about that fit life, let’s talk about fitness and pain. Can you get injured doing CrossFit, absolutely YES you CAN. Will you? Maybe. Can you get injured being sedentary? Yep. Will you? Maybe! If you sit around doing nothing will you become mortally ill, MOST LIKELY!!

Let that sink in…the absence of activity will make you sick. The absence of strength training will make you weak and less resilient. We can get super scientific and quote statistics and facts but let’s just use good old fashioned common sense here. If you pull a muscle, suffer a (painful) spasm, sprain an ankle, scrape your shin, hit your chin with a barbell, or worse get a kink in your back, your shoulder hurts, or you tear something it’s all bad and it’s all painful. But it heals, most everything heals and when it does, we are stronger, we are smarter, we are better for it. This doesn’t only apply to physical wounds, you can apply the concept to whatever you like…matters of the heart even (substitute the word LOVE for “activity” in the first sentence). Should we never love because we got hurt loving??

Diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease and many others not listed are all caused by the LACK of activity. We must pick our poison because we can’t get around pain and discomfort. We are not superhuman and getting used to the idea of almost absolute sickness or injury at some point is a tough pill to swallow. But look around, look at your friends, family and even strangers. Everyone has something. I’d rather have a scraped shin than an incurable disease because I was traumatized by a superficial injury, or battle chronic depression on a daily basis (but that’s just me).

I am not saying this to tell you to be reckless or irresponsible with your body (you only get one) or pacify a real problem. What I am saying is, listen to your body, respect it, make the necessary adjustment, and carry on. Train smart, seek guidance, rest and recover. But NEVER use discomfort as an excuse to quit on yourself. Life will find you and remind you one way or another, that YOU ARE ALIVE after all!

It’s the resiliency to experience pain and find a way to overcome that shapes us, molds us, and makes us who we are. Some helpful advice from someone who has seen it all. Get uncomfortable everyday, that way, when discomfort finds you, you are ready and prepared to overcome the inevitable!

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