Is An Injury Preventing You From Becoming Your Best Self?

If someone hurt your kid’s feelings at school and caused them an injury, would you feed into it? Would you tell them they don’t have to go anymore or hang out alone so it wouldn’t happen again? Of course not! You would teach them, in your own way, how to handle it with the right mindset. You would let them know how special they are, how unique they are, and would wipe their tears. Many parents would tell their kids to take a deep breath and shake it off. Furthermore, you would make them show up and tell them to stand taller and keep their chin higher!

Compare this to when we get hurt as adults. Now, we’re talking about physical pain (but this can apply to emotional pain as well). How do we handle injuries? Frustration, anger, defeat, self-pity etc., am I getting warm? In many ways, the way you deal with a physical injury is synonymous with how you will handle almost any setback in life. In reality, it’s the setbacks that grow you. They are where you learn to regroup and pivot and find new ways and new opportunities but only if you’re open-minded enough to look for them. You are Open Minded, right?

We can’t avoid pain, injuries, setbacks, and the very fabric of that which makes us human. We are mortal. It is up to us to make sense of any inevitable setback by using it to make us stronger. It may force you to slow down and spend time in areas you once neglected, in fact, that’s exactly what it should do!

When you start in on yourself with the negative self-talk and emotions associated with setbacks,  ask yourself “How does this serve me?” If your honest answer is “it doesn’t” it’s a great time to pivot and ask yourself “what will”? How can I take my setback and turn it into THE MOST EPIC comeback? Action begins with one intentional thought, feeling, and step, at a time. Practice it and master it and get back on the road to becoming your best self!

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