We recently asked our members to tell us what keeps them motivated to show up and test their physical and mental barriers day after day. Here are some of the responses from everyday people just like you and me. Surprisingly, Positive thinking didn’t make the cut!

I am intrinsically motivated by fear. I fear my fate if I stop or slow, I see people all around who gave up and THAT scares the crap out of me.

J.Wright (Age 38)

“Me vs. Me.

👊🏻 I want to starve off diseases as long as possible.

😳I fear one day I will not have the ability to conquer physical challenges & I want to take full advantage of the privilege of being able to lift, run, squat, lunge etc. I do not want to be at an unhealthy weight & physically unfit. I feel guilty when I give less than 100%. This may sound a little vain, but it’s these factors that fuel me to wake up & get after it everyday.”

T. Roberts (Age 31)

“I have many motivators…One motivation is fear of pain. Having arthritis stops most people from being active. For me, if I’m not moving, I’m in pain, I get stiff & sluggish. It’s also fear of getting big as a house! For whatever reason, I don’t lose weight easily. If I’m not exercising consistently, I’ll grow out & I don’t want that! I FEEL better & I’m more confident when I’m exercising. I also fear losing that “youthful” feeling. Exercise keeps me young, competitive & “in the game.” As long as the good Lord allows me to remain upright, I’ll keep moving.”

C. Taber (Age 49)

“I have a fear of slowing to a stop, and also a serious fear of ending up like my mother.”

~ Anonymous (Age 34)

“My motivation is that no matter how bad the workout was, I always feel better mentally and emotionally after. I feel proud of myself for trying and staying in it and not walking. Sometimes it’s slow or the weight is less, but I’m still moving.”

C. Becks (Age 45)

“My motivation is to prove to myself I can do today what I couldn’t do yesterday! Facing the fear of “I can’t” and then “doing it” is amazing motivation for me.”

J. Anderson (Age 45)

Look good naked!

~ Anonymous (Age 37)

“My motivation is to do something every day that challenges me mentally and physically. If I do that, that’s where I believe a lot of growth will happen.”

C.Norton (Age 20)

“I’m motivated to keep going because I don’t want to lose all of the 💪🏼&🍑 that I’ve worked SO damn hard for.

I want to set the example to be healthy & strong for my daughter.

💞I love that my husband can ask ME (with zero hesitation) for help doing chores & tasks around the house…and being able to say yes, with zero hesitation.

I love competing with myself & being able to silence the self-doubt.”

E.Thurston (Age 33)

“Everyday in my therapy practice I see the results of those that chose to stop moving and chose food and unhealthy to the point of incredible self-destruction. I see the disappointment, the dissatisfaction, the pain and immobility that paralyzes people to the point where they are feeling hopeless and discouraged and are so spiraled into pain and disability they see no way out. Many are so far in the cycle that they CAN’T get out of the cycle even when they have a glimmer of hope, they wait too long and have a true disability. They get stuck there! That vicious cycle scares me to death! I refuse to get stuck there! I do believe we all have a choice, every minute of every day! Every morning when I start to move I hurt and I’m stiff and sore! However, I will take that bit of uncomfortable over debilitation any day! The whole “if you don’t use it, you lose it” thing is real! I like to think that I can be a positive influence and an inspiration to those around me that are stuck in the cycle and can encourage them with kind words and motivate them with healthy options and let them see they too have a choice to be healthy.

I love that I can hike 10 miles, spend hours in my garden and really enjoy the physical without pain or discomfort.

I love to check off goals that are met. I hate when things are hard but then find great satisfaction when the hard work put in shows in the long run. It is also very motivating that my husband is still very physically attracted to me.♥️”

J.Llach (Age 51)

Across the board we noticed a common theme, it seems most people we asked were motivated by fear. Fear of not ever knowing their true potential, fear of loss of quality of life and/or self-esteem, or a fear of the consequences of never trying at all. Many people who never begin are also fearful, but the difference is they are paralyzed by it which begs the question…is it more dangerous to take a leap of faith and try or, to never try at all?

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