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Mission Statement:

Emersion CrossFit strives to improve the human condition through fitness. We do this by providing a safe, but challenging environment that allows all people of all ages and sizes to grow physically, mentally and emotionally in an atmosphere of community. Our best selves are made as we improve our physical, mental and emotional being through exercise and good decisions. We cultivate an environment conducive to these goals through the following services: CrossFit Group Classes; 1 on 1 Introduction to CrossFit for New/Incoming Athletes; Nutrition Coaching; Small Group 50+ Program; Specialty Clinics

our founder

Jennifer Wright

Growing up as an only child to a single mom we moved over 10 times by the time I arrived in high school. I had zero real friendships and struggled with my identity, self-perception, and self-esteem. Without an identity, I felt and ultimately became emotionally and physically isolated.

By the time I graduated high school my options for a future were limited to say the least. Without options, I joined the Army as my first, last, and only resort and method of survival. If I had to sum up my experience in the army in 3 words, they would be Discipline, Resilience, and Community, the 3 things I had never previously experienced. Fast forward 10 years to 2008. I now have three beautiful children, a wonderful husband who works in residential construction, and successful career in real estate.

However, my job was feeling increasingly stressful and demanding. Eventually, I began lifting weights as a way to channel my stress and change my body. I found that instead of simply changing my body, I changed my life. I started to love myself like I never had before.

I began noticing so many other people in and outside of the gym who were stressed, feeling out of control, lost, and desperate for a better version of themselves, just like me. They didn’t love themselves. I felt a deep and personal call to actively pursue knowledge and education from every resource available to me in order to help others who were suffering internally like I was. I equipped myself with the essential tools I needed to become the expert and provide the real help the world needed. I knew I would have to make sacrifices. My career, my professional status, and the security of what I had already built had to be left behind if I was going to respond to my calling.

I began teaching others how to use lifting and fitness as a catalyst to not only get the body they wanted but to ultimately teach them discipline and resilience and provide them with a community that would support them both in and outside of the gym. Emersion CrossFit is now over 8 years old (10 respectively). Without discipline I wouldn’t have had what it took to show up every day even when no one was there to meet me, without resilience I wouldn’t have had what it took to get up every time I fell or got knocked down, and without community, no one would have been there to help me and hold me up.

I am currently the only female owned, veteran owned gym in Bakersfield California. Over the years I have trained 20 coaches to help others first, I have taught thousands of people how to transform their lives and take ownership of their own health. I have learned from and trained with some of the most brilliant minds and forward thinkers in the fitness business and continue to do so. I am a teacher, but first I am a student. I have laid a firm fitness foundation for my own children who firmly understand the power of discipline, resilience, and community at their core. Emersion CrossFit cuts through the noise and gives you the tools to rise up – rise up to your calling, rise up and confront your challenges, rise up to your true potential with Emersion!


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