You’re scared, I get it. Your image of yourself is paralyzing. The years of neglect, the priority of immediate gratification over quality of life, the lack of physical activity, creating a vicious cycle of even less energy and depression. You see yourself and what you’ve done and it seems like you’ve gone too far to turn around. You hate what you’ve become but you feel safe; safer in your world than you would feel stepping out into another.

“It’ll take too long”, “what will others say about me?”, “I’ve quit before”,“I’m tired”, “I’ll start next week, next month, next year”, “they’ll probably laugh or talk about me behind my back”, “they’ll think I’m a joke”, “as a matter of fact, I am a joke”, “those people have no idea what it feels like to be me.”

These thoughts become our actions. These thoughts prove that over time, we have an enemy living within us. The worst part is, we are letting them. We believe them, we trust them, we invited them, we let them change us thought by thought, moment by moment, choice by choice until we no longer recognize ourselves. These thoughts have become our reality, but it is the reality our guest created.

We have another guest though, one with a voice much quieter. If we work hard to listen, we can hear them inside. The more we listen to that quieter voice, the louder it gets. This is the one who says, “if they can, you can”, “one foot in front of the other”, “you can change if you want”, “ you can be happy if you choose”, “YOU ARE CAPABLE”!

Everyone has an opportunity to be a healthier better version of themselves, it’s not exclusive. You’re quality of life can improve, your self image can improve. You can feel better, move better, live better. You can watch and participate in the lives of your kids and your grandkids while they grow, laugh and play. You can travel, you can LIVE.

Behind closed doors, our coaches talk about how continue to improve and build personal relationships and a stronger community where we continue to lift one another up and support and encourage and build and teach and love. We know you’re scared, we know it’s hard, but we know your life is worth it and you deserve to live it the best way you can. You already know the alternative. You’ve been living with the enemy for far too long. You have an opportunity right now, right at this moment. Choose your best self right NOW.

If you know you need to start but you’re not sure where, schedule your ‘No Sweat Intro’ here. We’d love to meet you!

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