To Speak, or Not To Speak…

An open letter to gym owners

As service-based business owners, we set out to make a positive change in our communities. A place where people could come together, get fitter, and have fun. This was accomplished through safety. We know for a fact that people must first feel safe before they can succeed and we work our asses off to provide that safe space for them. We have experimented, explored, evaluated, and systematized the process. We continue to examine and refine those systems in order to pursue healthy growth and evolve to meet the needs of our ever-changing communities. 

We prioritize this process of the human experience on a localized level because we want people in our doors. We are confident we can help them change their health and ultimately their lives. In turn, we firmly believe these people will share their experiences and begin to positively influence the lives of others in their spheres of influence in a positive way.

Many of us also have very diverse communities and because they all matter to us SO much, we are hesitant to get involved in a very controversial and painful issue. We all have different world views and experiences that frame how we receive and interpret the same story we have all watched unfold in almost unanimous horror. 

Let’s remove the distractions though, shall we? Let’s just focus on what’s real. What’s real is another black man is dead, that’s a fact. What’s real is black people are scared and feeling increasingly unsafe in almost every crevice of our country, fact. This incident whether racially fueled or not has incited worldwide outrage and brought attention to the prevalence of racism in the U.S and social and systemic injustices towards people of color. 

I hope I didn’t lose anyone in the nuances. Hang in here with me, please? As a leader of any community, including your own family you should absolutely speak up if you truly value your entire community. If you consider yourself a HEALth expert, then healing is part of your job. Healing is what is needed for our families, our communities, and our country. I made the personal decision to speak up after I decided my business was not a safe space for “everyone” if I chose to remain silent about the very serious issue of injustice that is plaguing our Country. First and foremost, we are leaders and everyone is watching us right now and paying close attention to our voice, or lack thereof. What you will and won’t accept speaks volumes about your true character and whether you choose to speak out or not, your communities are forming their opinion.

Our gyms are a safe space for everyone. It is up to us as leaders to speak up and remind our communities that we are actively working to heal the wounds.


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